About Me
Ας μιλήσουμε για μένα… Καταρχήν με λένε Ανέστη.avatarΉρθα στον κόσμο την άνοιξη του 1982. Τώρα μάλλον θέλετε να μάθετε για τα ενδιαφέροντά μου ε? Χμ…Μουσική: Από Frank Sinatra μέχρι Έλλη Πασπαλά, από Bob Dylan μέχρι Artic Monkeys, από Tom Jones μέχρι Nina Simone, από Norah Jones μέχρι Aphex Twin, από Jamiroquai μέχρι James Brown, από Bill Evans μέχρι Bloc Party, από Elvis Presley μεχρι Faithless, από Pink Floyd μέχρι Razorlight, από Gnarls Barkley μέχρι Shirley Bassey, από Manowar μέχρι Michael Jackson. Μπορώ να συνεχίσω για πάντα αλλά πιστεύω πως πιάσατε το νόημα…Ταινίες: High Fidelity, James Bond (όλα), Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Peter Pan(όλα), Chicago, Fight Club, Ray, Sideways, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Easy Rider, Hot ShotsΒιβλία: Μυστικοί Εφτά, Άρχοντας των Δαχτυλιδιών, Χάρι Πότερ, Κώδικας ΝταΒίντσι, Πήτερ Παν και πολλά είναι…Hobby: Μουσική, αυτοκίνητα, κρασί, gadgets, φωτογραφία. Ξέρω γω? Τι άλλο θέλετε να μάθετε?

About Photoblog
In 2000 I started a radio show in the student radio station “Horos 94,2” in Samos, Greece. After years of indecisiveness the show found a name. High Fidelity Show. In December of 2005 I started a blog in order to upload the tracklisting from the shows. Unfortunately, after a while I had to end the show as my studenthood came to an end. The blog still interested in music also included personal soul searching. In March of 2006, after some problems with blogger.BETA I moved to WordPress. The new High Fidelity Show blog always interested in music kept uploading tracklists from personal music compilations. However, it’s not the best time to start posting photo in this blog. You see my camera that accompanied me for the last three years is not feeling very well lately. She started behaving like a woman, developing her own personality on whether and when she wants to take a picture. She’s still rockin’ hard though and I love her. I believe we still have a lot to see and photograph together. So enjoy the vision journey…25/05/2007: My camera is dead… She just won’t take any more photos. She sees everything purple for some strange reason. :(01/06/2007: My new camera is here! A Canon PowerShot G7… I’ll let you know more about it in the future!


9 responses to “About

  1. anestiiii ti kaneis boy mou?

  2. Geia sou anesti agori mou…

    Wraio blog simfoititi…


  3. $pantelis: Εντύπωση κάνω… χεχεχεχε

    $Geostuff: Να’σαι καλά, συμφοιτητή!

  4. aloha my friend…
    xairomai pou eisai kai pas kala… estw kai makria apo ta patria edafi…
    filia man. kouragio

  5. $mark: Giasius markus! ti kanius? Nasius kalius… Kesius kalius kouragius!

  6. hello,
    ASXETO, alla den ksero ti akrivws einai afto pou spoudazeis, alla tha me endiafere na mou peis an gnorizeis kanan anthropo se afti ti xora pou na kserei cold fusion!

    pes mou oti ksereis 🙂

    an nai, tote kane ena copo na steileis ena mail sto panakond @ hotmail . com


  7. gia osous den kseroun:

    ColdFusion is an application server and software development framework used for the development of computer software in general, and dynamic web sites in particular. In this regard, ColdFusion is a similar product to Microsoft ASP.NET or Java Enterprise Edition.

  8. hi m8,
    ti nea?
    Efyga apo to nisi epitelous kai vriskomai pleon
    stin Athina.
    Steile kana mail na ta poume.

    See ya

  9. Kαμάρι μου!!!
    Απλά εντυπωσιάστηκα…δεν έχω τίποτα άλλο να προσθέσω!Πολύ καλή δουλειά!Το ότι θα τα λέγαμε μέσω του blog σου δεν θα το πίστευες αν σου το έλεγα 10 χρόνια πριν,έτσι δεν είναι;;;Kι όμως τα κατάφερα..χιχι!!!Κeep on good work man…

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