Timeful / cd|19|20


There are songs like tequila and songs like long drinks. The first are sort and fast while the later take time to give you what they want. Long lasting songs put you in a mood and then play with it. They tend to have a variety of rhythms and sessions within them. For instance Lady Fantasy from Camel takes you from a dizzy intro to a melodic journey and then gives you this progressive funky sounds and after that back to melody again. Other songs give you tension, other atmosphere, other both.

All songs are above 7 minutes long and because it’s impossible to fit them in one CD I used two. So, big breath and here we go! This is going to take a while…

01. CITY | Am Fenster
02. Deep Purple | Child In Time
03. Pink Floyd | High Hopes
04. Camel | Lady Fantasy – Encounter – Smiles For You – Lady …
05. Sisters of Mercy | Temple of Love
06. Led Zeppelin | Kashmir
07. The Doors | The End

[Running Time 01:17:19]

01. Creedence Clearwater Revival | Susie Q
02. Nina Simone | Sinnerman
03. Phil Collins | Colours
04. The Rolling Stones | You Can’t Always Get What You Want
05. New Order | Blue Monday
06. Rainbirds | Sea of Time Part 1 – Rocking Song – Part 2 Time – Part 3 CA
07. Dire Straits | Tunnel of Love
08. Led Zeppelin | Stairway To Heaven
09. The Doors | When The Music’s Over

[Running Time 01:19:49]


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