Lady Is Singing The Blues / cd|18


Couple days ago I posted a compilation called “Lady was singing the blues” with great women’s voices from the past. In the end of the post I set a question… “Are there any new female artists that can get any close to those legends nowadays?”. Well, here is a compilation with new voices. The answer is yours… Enjoy!

01. Joss Stone | Spoiled
02. Malia | I Believed in Roses
03. Tracy Chapman | Fast Car
04. Corinne Bailey Rae | Put Your Records On
05. Lily Allen | Smile
06. Amy Winehouse | You Know I’m No Good
07. Norah Jones | Sunrise
08. Errica Jennings | It’s a Lovely Day
09. De-Phazz | Astrud Astronette
10. Macy Gray | I Try
11. Katie Melua | Nine Million Bicycles
12. Athena Routsi | Osse Olhar
13. Ellh Paspala | Summertime in Prague
14. Ayo | Down on My Knees
15. Morcheeba | Otherwise
16. Dicte | Make It Alright
17. Hooverphonic | Mad About You
18. Tori Amos | The Power of Orange Knickers
19. Carla Bruni | Quelqu’um M’a Dit
20. Emiliana Torrini | Sunnyroad
21. Cat Power | The Greatest

[Running Time 01:18:54]


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