Groove Jet / cd|17


Since I was young I used to listen to rock music. Yes I was listening to other genres as well but rock was always my thing. Classic, hard, metal, alternative, post, rock ‘n’ roll, surf, acoustic, you name it. Growing in Greece however was inevitable for me not to club at nights. Dancing with friends and strangers is all you do in the summer in Greece. But in order to dance in a club you need dance music. Music with a beat…

A typical night starts at the bar for a beer or a cocktail and continues to the after hours clubs. People are dressed up enjoying the groove, slow moving in the beginning and then dancing their hearts out on the dance floor. When I really started to hang out to bars and clubs it was something more than ten years ago. First in high school and then at the university. Those ten plus years I grooved and danced with a lot of songs. Here is a compilation of those I liked best… A tribute to those summer nights out dancing till dawn, occasionally drunk.

01. Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor | Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)
02. Billie Ray Martin | Your Loving Arms
03. Artful Dodger & Romina Johnson | Movin’ Too Fast
04. Jennifer Paige | Crush
05. Roger Sanchez | Another Chance
06. Sonique | It Feels So Good
07. Everything But The Girl | Missing
08. Shapeshifters | Lolas Theme
09. Moloko feat. Roisin Murphy | Sing It Back
10. Daft Punk | One More Time
11. Sash! feat. Tina Cousins | Mysterious Times
12. No Mercy | Where Do You Go
13. Iio | Rapture
14. Chicane feat. Bryan Adams | Don’t Give Up
15. Wamdue Project | King of My Castle
16. Room 5 feat. Oliver Cheatham | Make Luv
17. ATB | 9pm Till I Come
18. Adamski | Killer (2000 mix by ATB)
19. Enrique Iglesias feat. Kelis | Not In Love
20. 3-11 Porter | Surround Me with Your Love (Mental Overdrive Remix)

[Running Time 01:17:04]


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