#25. The Fisherman of Prague


While coming back to UK I had a six hours transit in Prague. “What a wonderful opportunity to walk on the cobblestones of this famous city!”, I thought. Famous for its Old Town Square with the astronomical clock, for Malá Strana, for Charles Bridge, for its castle, for Czech beers and of course last but not least… the Czech women! The taxi dropped me off at the city center. It was very early in the morning, around 7 o’ clock. Shops were closed still and cleaning ladies were preparing the cafés…

Since I couldn’t have a beer or coffee I decided to head towards Charles bridge and then enjoy my espresso. On my way there I could see Prague waking up. Half an hour ago the city streets were empty and quite but now… Oh my God! It was as if all people suddenly exit their houses and were rushing to go to work by bike, tram, bus, metro, car anything! It was madness but in a very exciting way! It made you want to go with the flow… And that’s what I did. I followed couple of tourists that were heading to Charles bridge that crosses Vltava river. And there I saw him. Against all city’s rush, that fisherman in his small boat peaceful and patient waiting for the fish to take the bait…

Of course on my way there I took many photos but this one I like. The fisherman of Prague…

f4.8 | 1/100

Original Size

Featured Song: Elli Paspala | Summertime In Prague


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