#18. Greece at its best


You know that people say “you must miss something in order to appreciate it”. In my case it’s not that I didn’t like Greece or anything like that. It’s just that I wasn’t aware. Aware of its beauty, of its melody and harmony. Someone living in Greece and reading this might think “this guy must have never lived in Greece! Where is harmony in Athens? In Thessaloniki? In Patra?”. Well, call me nuts but isn’t a picture like this enough to make you forget about all our flaws? Our traffic, our politicians, our misery and nagging? For me it is… The photo was taken in Agios Nicolaos (Saint Nicolas) on the way to Potami Beach in Samos.

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Featured Song: Jazzanova | Bohemian Sunset


2 responses to “#18. Greece at its best

  1. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!
    My best place ever…..
    It was there where i was escaping, any time of the day and night…. It was there where i took the most serious decisions about life… and death…
    Thank you for this. You for the pic. and “god” for the beauty…

  2. $Vaggie: It is beautiful, isn’t it? We all have memories from that place Vaggie… Some painful, some peaceful. But one thing is for sure. The view from Ag. Nikolaos is breath-taking!

    Hope you’re doing well…

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