Summer is back!


Summer… I think of summer and I think of sunny beaches, crystal clear waters, people doing summer sports, before having coffee, beer, tequilas or whatever at the beach bar… People dancing! People having fun. However I’m not at a beach, not even close. I’m in Lancaster trying to combine fun with the dissertation. I don’t complain though… We have a really good time here. I just wished that clubs had air conditioning… 😉

I wish to all of you to have a really gooooooood summer!

Featured Song: Miami Sound Machine | Hot Summer Nights


5 responses to “Summer is back!

  1. life sometimes needs just a small push….

    12 years ago… a summer day like today… three youngsters after some drinks at Cartmel College pub (it used to be the place of art students then…etc) took a Wrangler and had the bright idea to drive up and down the steps of alexandra square…. i still have the official complain letter and the receipt of the fine somewhere… ! great happy days! 😀
    enjoy the miserable life of lancaster and morecambe beach!!!! have fun! 😉

  2. I wish you’ll have a great summer, wherever you might be!…


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