5 great balls of fire


I’ve been tagged by cpil and thedeported who passed me the ball to continue this extreme sport. I guess you all know the rules so I’m cutting directly to the chase. 5 things you don’t know about me!

  1. I am a totally image and atmosphere based person. I act according to images I have in my mind. For every single thing or situation in the real world I have another mental image in my head of how this should be looked like or what it should be done according to the ideal image in my head. I know that you probably didn’t get a clue of what I just tried to explain but I can’t explain it any better.
  2. My favourite superheros are Batman and Peter Pan. I love Batman for his gadgets and his cool total black dark absolute style uniform. For his car and his plane and probably the submarine and spaceship and bike… You got the picture I guess. Everything! I also however like Peter Pan that has no gadgets at all. But it’s not all about Peter Pan, it’s also Neverland that I like. A mythical world where I can fly making happy thoughts and fight with pirates!
  3. I don’t like Monicca Belluci. I don’t say that she’s ugly, I’m just saying that I don’t have this “normal” obsession that everybody has. Instead I like Natalie Portman and Kristen Dunst. And since I started with women I have another confession to make. I like Audrey Hepburn and Ursula Andress in the 60s. Please don’t judge me, it’s a thing I have I guess.
  4. I hate nothing but still I do nothing every day. But I’m working on that and I have started to see some progress… What’s more, I have changed that last couple of years dramatically. The thing is that I’m still wondering if I improved or not…
  5. One of my greatest dreams is to own my own house on a beautiful hill with a great view just a little bit outside of the city. Guests are always welcome…

The token goes to:






Featured Song #1: Jerry Lee Lewis | Great Balls Of Fire
Featured Song #2: Dave Brubeck | Take Five


5 responses to “5 great balls of fire

  1. Bloggobro, it’s soooo nice to read this through. 1. I suppose graphic design should be highly considered as an alternative career choice. 2. Neverland rulez (especially ’cause the only girlz allowed are fairies) 3. It’s all my fault, dragging you along to all those movies nbd else would go with me. 4. Next time you feel like doing sth, lie down immediately until the will wears off! 5. Mummy said she has included you in her will ’bout her maiden house. I’m sure that you’ll get to have a house better than the one you dream about.

    Amazing five, if you’d asked me! 🙂

  2. One day you and I will have to fight for Natalie!

  3. Nice ones!!:D
    Oh come on! There are a lot lot more reasons to choose Batman!

    A house on the hill? Where is the sea?? It is too calm but it suites you. Expect me as a guest.

  4. kata enan periergo tropo…ta hksera ola auta! mallon s’exw parei xampari cookie 😉
    k to gegonos oti den exeis obsession me tin monica alla kuriws auto me to spiti sto lofo…. e3hgoun giati eisai blogosuzugos m! don’t forget those diamonds..! 😉
    thnx for the tag!

  5. $attalanti (blogosis): 1. Think so? “Leave an art and leave it and if you’re hungry catch it” 😀 2. May I call you Tinker Bell? 3. What are you doing on saturday night? Wanna go to the movies? 4. If it works… why not? I’ll try it! I tried everything else. 5. You are already invited! Kisses 🙂

    $cpil: I’m a lover not a fighter 😉

    $digitalsadness: I expect everybody! The sea is down the hill because no sea no dreams 😉 C ya around!

    $bereniki (blogowife): Diamonds are forever just like you!

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