Innovation at 23:00 in Gradbar


$1.000.000 ideas:

  • Pizza Delivery to Space Stations (geostuff)
  • F1 on Moon (highfidelityshow)
  • Cool Drinks on the Sun (tyran_nick)
  • Space Roller Coster using planets gravity (geostuff)
  • After-sales support for coffins (geostuff)
  • Brothel for dogs (highfidelityshow)
  • Advertisement projection on Moon (highfidelityshow)
  • Scuba-diving on Pluto (highfidelityshow)
  • Fishing on Cronos (highfidelityshow)
  • Apply neural network for grapes collection (tyran_nick)
  • Dakar on Mars (highfidelityshow)
  • High seas brothel (geostuff)
  • Solariun on the Sun (tyran_nick)
  • Berlin Wall Destruction Emulator on Chinese Wall… Limited seating… (geostuff)

Featured Song: Orson | Bright Idea


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